CSR Policy

      Pylon Public Company Limited has the policy to conduct its business by living up to the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and placing importance on the provision of support through a number of social and community activities as well as the commitment towards ongoing environmental care. The Company conducts its business based on the principles of transparency, accountability, integrity, respect for human rights, and preservation of interests of stakeholders including shareholders, employees, communities surrounding the Company’s workplace, customers, suppliers, creditors, competitors, government agencies and society and the nation as a whole.
The Company focuses on the business development while implementing the concept of corporate social responsibility and complying with laws, regulations and other international practices with an aim of building a foundation for the Company’s continuous and sustainable responsibility. The details of the Company’s CSR policy are as follows:


1. Operating business with integrity and ethics

      The Company is committed to operating its business with integrity and ethics by strictly complying with laws and respecting rules and regulations of society. The organization has a neutral political stance and aims to be a leader in the bored-pile foundation construction industry in terms of quality and efficiency in order to gain trustworthiness from customers, investors and other stakeholders as well as to add value and promote the organization’s sustainable growth. The Company also attaches importance to the international management practices which are beneficial to Thai society. This is for the Company to strive for the achievement of established goals and to foster the integrity and ethics which is a core value of the leading organizations.

2. Fighting against corruption

      The Company has announced its intention to fight against corruption and misconduct in the organization based on the perspective that corruption and frauds have occurred widely and continue to increase in Thai society in both the government and private sectors. Such improper behaviors also exist even in companies and organizations. Therefore, management and supervisors operating in the job site including engineers and foremen together with the executives jointly confirmed their commitment towards fighting against frauds and inappropriate behaviors within the organization on February 11, 2014 at the Head Office.
      In addition, it was agreed by the Board of Directors that the Company signed a Declaration of Intention to join the Collective Action Coalition (CAC) to fight against corruption in private sector with IOD on March 4, 2016. Also, the anti-corruption policy and the anti-corruption measure handbook were developed for use as guidelines for the Company and its subsidiaries. Details of them were disclosed on the Company’s website. On March 2, 2018, the Company submitted the documents to apply for membership with The Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption (CAC). Now, the matter is being considered.

3. Respect for human rights 

      The Company puts an emphasis on basic human rights to promote respect for rights and freedom. The Company supports non-favoritism, equitable treatment, equal opportunities for all sexes and classes, and fights against child labour use. The Board of Directors has set up a policy to avoid human rights violation by providing guidelines on the respect of human rights for its directors, management and employees as follows:

  • The Company treats all employees with respect for their honour and dignity;
  • The Company provides the employees with communication channel to voice their suggestions and complaints about their work. Those suggestions and complaints will be seriously considered and solved for the benefits of all concerned parties and for the good relations in the organization;
  • The Company encourages the employees to exercise their civil rights in accordance with the Constitution and laws;
  • Any biography, biodata, work history, etc. of each employee will be kept confidential. Employees’ personal data cannot be disclosed or transferred to the public without the employee’s permission. Violation of this rule is regarded as a disciplinary offense, except when acting in compliance with laws or the Company’s regulations;
  • The Company is against any violation of human rights and corruption;
  • All employees must not verbally or physically abuse other people on the basis of race, sex, religion, age and mental or physical disability.

4. Fair treatment of workers 

      The Company ensures that wages are determined at appropriate levels compared to the industry. Changes to the structure and organization arrangement are responsibly made within the framework of Thai laws. 
     The Company has a wide range of employee benefits and puts efforts in improving the quality of work life of employees to ensure that employees can perform duties with efficiency and happiness. The Company also provides group accident insurance and medical insurance as well as establishes the Provident Fund to create security for employees. 
      Policies and practices of the Company also stress the importance of occupational health and safety by establishing the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Committee for the maintenance yard and construction sites which shall be responsible for ensuring employees’ health and safety. Measures to check the safety of workplaces on a regular basis were established. Fire extinguishers were installed and fire exits were established. Fire control demonstrations and fire drills were arranged every year for the maintenance yard and head office. The operating manual for construction sites was formulated, focusing on occupational health, safety and environment in workplaces and creation of secure work atmosphere for employees, sub-contractors and visitors at the construction sites. The manual contains control measures to protect everyone from possible accidents and hazards.

5. Responsibility towards customers

      The Company focuses on the production with quality and highest safety standards to attain the customer’s maximum satisfaction. The Company demonstrates sincere and active efforts in handling customers’ complaints and problems possibly arising from the production and/or services with a view to maintaining sustainable relationships with customers.

6. Environmental care

      The Company has the clear environmental policy and seriously implements the policy. The Company complies with environmental laws and standards and arranges internal systems to control and prevent against environmental problems. Also, the Company conducts a campaign to promote economical consumption of resources and energy such as electricity, water, and especially fuel. According to the survey report, the Company’s fuel consumption has been used in more efficient rate.

7. Participation in the development of communities and society

      The Company considers the needs of the communities and extends assistance to concerned parties in the communities around the workplaces. In addition, the Company promotes and supports its employees to partake as volunteers in social contribution activities with communities.
      Furthermore, in 2017, the Company deemed that certain government hospitals still lacked various items of medical equipment and therefore conducted a survey. According to the survey, it was found that the state-owned Pathumthani Hospital still did not have enough blood oxygen level and blood pressure measurement devices for the outpatient department (OPD). The device has various functions including non–invasive blood pressure function for infants to adults. The devices are for oscillometric measurement of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and mean arterial pressure values as well as pulse rates. The devices are also used to measure oxygen saturation level in blood through skin. The devices have several other useful features that help improve patient treatment capabilities. The Company decided to donate one of such devices worth Baht 100,000 to the hospital. The Company also donated cash totaling Baht 60,000 for charity to the Thai Red Cross Fair, the Kathin ceremonies, and the run charity event by the Children’s Hospital